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All 36 items  

SHIMANO Spin Power 405EX+ (special shipping)

SESSYA price 99,099JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405DX+ (special shipping)

SESSYA price 100,815JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405CX (special shipping)

SESSYA price 101,673JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405CX+ (special shipping)

SESSYA price 102,960JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405BX (special shipping)

SESSYA price 104,247JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405BX+ (special shipping)

SESSYA price 105,534JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405EX+(ST) (special shipping)

SESSYA price 71,643JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405DX+(ST) (special shipping)

SESSYA price 73,359JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405CX(ST) (special shipping)

SESSYA price 74,217JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405CX+(ST) (special shipping)

SESSYA price 75,504JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405BX(ST) (special shipping)

SESSYA price 76,791JPY

SHIMANO Spin Power 405BX+(ST) (special shipping)

SESSYA price 78,078JPY

Daiwa RCS Surf Spool 45 TAPER2-Degree 06PE

SESSYA price 11,000JPY

Daiwa RCS Surf Spool 45 TAPER2-Degree 15PE

SESSYA price 11,000JPY

Daiwa RCS Surf Spool 45 TAPER2-Degree QD

SESSYA price 13,750JPY

DAIWA Cast'izm 18#-345・R

SESSYA price 36,080JPY

DAIWA Cast'izm 20#-385・R

SESSYA price 38,720JPY

DAIWA Cast'izm 23#-365・R

SESSYA price 39,600JPY

DAIWA Cast'izm 23#-385・R

SESSYA price 40,920JPY

DAIWA Cast'izm 25#-385・R

SESSYA price 42,240JPY

DAIWA Cast'izm 25#-430・R

SESSYA price 44,880JPY

DAIWA Cast'izm 27#-385・R

SESSYA price 44,000JPY

DAIWA Cast'izm 30#-385・R

SESSYA price 46,640JPY

DAIWA Tournament SurfT  (telesco) 27#-425・R

SESSYA price 51,040JPY

DAIWA Tournament SurfT  (telesco) 30#-425・R

SESSYA price 53,680JPY

DAIWA Tournament SurfT  (telesco) 33#-405・R

SESSYA price 53,680JPY

DAIWA Tournament SurfT  (telesco) 33#-425・R

SESSYA price 56,320JPY

DAIWA Tournament SurfT  (telesco) 35#-405・R

SESSYA price 56,320JPY

DAIWA Tournament SurfT  (telesco) 35#-425・R

SESSYA price 59,840JPY

DAIWA Sundowner competition protogear 29#--390S・R (special shipping)

SESSYA price 61,160JPY

DAIWA Sundowner competition protogear 31#--390S・R (special shipping)

SESSYA price 65,120JPY

DAIWA Sundowner competition protogear 33#--390S・R (special shipping)

SESSYA price 69,520JPY

DAIWA Sundowner competition protogear 35#--390S・R (special shipping)

SESSYA price 74,360JPY

DAIWA Sundowner competition protogear 42#--395S・R (special shipping)

SESSYA price 88,880JPY

DAIWA Sundowner competition protogear 44#--395S・R (special shipping)

SESSYA price 94,160JPY

DAIWA Sundowner competition protogear 47#--390S・R (special shipping)

SESSYA price 101,200JPY

All 36 items  

SHIMANO Super AeroKisu Special

SESSYA price 80,028JPY

SHIMANO Bullseye 9100

SESSYA price 25,924JPY

SHIMANO Bullseye 9120

SESSYA price 25,924JPY


SESSYA price 22,399JPY


SESSYA price 40,435JPY

SHIMANO 2013 Power Aero Spin Power

SESSYA price 29,964JPY

SHIMANO SURF LEADER CI4+ 35 Thin line spool

SESSYA price 20,930JPY

SHIMANO SURF LEADER CI4+ 35 Ultra Thin line spool

SESSYA price 20,930JPY


SESSYA price 38,750JPY

DAIWA Surf Basia 45

SESSYA price 47,764JPY


SESSYA price 51,667JPY

DAIWA Surf Basia 45QD

SESSYA price 50,450JPY

GOSEN Tecmy taper PE leader Ensyu 13m×2pcs 0.8-8-6#

SESSYA price 1,485JPY

GOSEN samon 8BRAID 200m 0.8#

SESSYA price 4,396JPY

SESSYA Member price3,836JPY