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 [Post code] 818-0024
 [TEL] 81-92-408-8517
 [Open] 11:00 to 20:00
 [Holiday] Sunday & Monday

Sunday & Monday are regular holiday.
If your order has passed Saturday 17:00,
Contact or order confirmation from our shop will be on Tuesday.

SESSYA's Surf fishing staff

Send and receive mail to customers, such as package & shipping work in charge.
Fishing is amateur.
Thank you.

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Corporate Information

Dealer SESSYA co.,Ltd
Sales manager Toshihiko Yamauchi
Location [Address]
7-12-5-2C,Haruda, chikushino-shi,Fukuoka,Japan4
[Post code] 818-002
TEL 81-92-408-8517
Home page
OPEN (telephone reception time) [Open] 11:00 to 20:00
[Holiday] Monday and Tuesday
Necessary fee other than commodity price Shipping fee
system fee
Order valid date 7 days from the date of your order
Sales price Please refer to the product introduction page.
Delivery time The usual case
we will be shipped within one week after your order.
Payment method Credit card or Bank debit card(At the time of your order online)
Credit card or Bank debit card (use PayPal)
Handling of defective I will replace it with a good product.
Return deadline & Shipping fee

Unopened, if not used, it is accepted for return.
Rod, reel, spool, side box, it can not be returned.
Please return within 14 days after arrival.
Return shipping fee is borne by the customer.
Shipping fee when shipping from our shop
to the customer is paid by the customer.
Within 7 days after arrival at the our shop,
I will credit to your paypal account.

Refund amount =
payment price - Shipping from our shop - system fee
In the case of free shipping,
you will have to pay a by Region shipping

Second hand dealer licence Fukuoka prefecture licence No. 901131410054