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About always SSL

In order to use the service safely by the customer, SESSYA co.,Ltd is always SSL (AOSSL) in all services including throwing fishing and my throwing fishing specialty fishing shop from February 15, 2017 as strengthening security measures, We have corresponded.

Previous address: http: //
Current address: https: //

Even if you access with the previous address (http address), it will be automatically transferred to the current address (https address).

On older PCs etc. more than 10 years ago, pages may not be displayed. If you have any questions about the adaptation of your terminal model, please contact each terminal's provider.

February 15, 2017
SESSYA co.,Ltd

What is always SSL?

In the past, HTTPS (SSL encrypted communication) was adopted as a method to encrypt communication only in a page that transmits and receives highly confidential data such as ID / password and credit card information, It is always SSL to enlarge it to all pages of.

Why make always SSL?

Due to popularization of smartphones and tablets, and expansion of public wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) spots, Internet service can be easily used outdoors. However, communication using public wireless LAN has a high risk of being peeked at by third parties of data being transmitted / received, so always SSL is always required to transmit / receive data after encrypting data.

Are there many shopping sites and homepages that are not always SSL?

Many sites such as Google, amazon, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Netflix, etc. are already always SSL sites, and yahoo also announces that it will always support always SSL by March 2017. Always turning to always SSL is a flow that can not be stopped in the Internet business.

How to identify the always SSL site

The address bar URL at the top of the browser starts with "https". In addition, "browser protected connection", "protected connection", "secure connection", etc. are specified explicitly along with the "marked key" in the browser address bar. On the other hand, the address of the site not compatible with SSL starts with http, and clicking "i mark" warns that "Connection to this site is not protected" etc.