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Hook knot device

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fuzzy LT Knotter

SESSYA price 2,229JPY



Belmont PE cut Scissors

SESSYA price 454JPY


HAPISON Line Twister YH-716P

SESSYA price 4,752JPY



HAPISON Hook knot device (For Thick line) YH-714

SESSYA price 3,758JPY



HAPISON Hook knot device SLIM II  YH-720

SESSYA price 3,888JPY



HAPISON Hook knot device (For Thin line) YH-713

SESSYA price 3,024JPY



Fuzzy Speed hook knot for Thick line

SESSYA price 2,268JPY



Fuzzy Speed hook knot for Standard line

SESSYA price 1,604JPY



Fuzzy Speed hook knot for Thin line

SESSYA price 1,296JPY



All 9 items  

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In the case of more goods total 50000JPY

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